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This is a picture from Magome-juku, Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan. Yeowatzup did a 15-day walk from Tokyo to Kyoto along the Nakasendo (an ancient highway) and passed by this spot. Check out Yeowatzup’s flickr for more interesting pictures!


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An elephant located at Mysore’s Zoo.

Source: Ranavikas’ Flickr

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The twin towers of Munich belong to Frauenkirche or Cathedral of Our Lady!  (More information to come at a later date!)

Munich Frauenkirche from Neues Rathaus

English: Munich – Maria column in the Marienpl...

English: Munich – Maria column in the Marienplatz and the towers of the Frauenkirche Deutsch: München – Mariensäule auf dem Marienplatz Italiano: Monaco di Baviera – Colonna di Maria nella Marienplatz e le torri della Frauenkirche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One of the largest Gothic buildings in southern Germany AND the largest Church in Munich, this building is hard to miss! It has twin towers (but no wizards or hobbits) that have marked Munich’s landscape since 1525. It is the _________________________.

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The Kharkov/Kharkiv circus! It is still popular today with kids and families. Tickets range between 20 and 100 hryvnias. For more information, check out this site.


Evstafiev-russian-circus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New Kharkov Circus. Вид через реку Харьков


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It was one of the few cities in the Soviet Union that saw the performances of many top performers in one certain area of entertainment… Can you guess what type of performance it is? (Hint: Face makeup and props with jokes were heavily involved)

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The Mystery Location from yesterday has been revealed to be:

New Taipei City! This city was founded at the meeting place of the Danshui, Xindian and Keelung Rivers.

Danshui, New Taipei 淡水,新台北

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