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Three rivers come together to form a river mouth where this Cincinnati Sister City was founded. Can you guess the name of the city? (Bonus points if you know the names of the rivers too!)


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Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to change the format a little bit. Instead of a picture a day (although, pictures will definitely still be posted), I’m going to post a bit of trivia about Cincinnati or one of our sister cities.

Let’s start with a question about Nancy, France!

Do you know the three most famous squares in Nancy? 

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出席奠基仪式的领导人包括辛辛那提市市长马克.马洛里(Mark. Mallory),美国交通部部长拉胡德(Ray. LaHood),以及其他高级市政官员和部分市政议员。虽然距离辛辛那提市民真正坐上第一架电车还有两年时间,但决定启动此项目已是城市改善的一大进步,市民们都期待着这一举措能给城市的再改造带来辉煌的成果。就像市长马克所说的:“辛辛那提已经翻开了历史新一页,我们已由过去对为什么要建设有轨电车的讨论走到了项目正式启动的今天”。

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Have questions about the Rwandan Genocide? Well, on February 7th at 7:30 pm, Xavier University is offering, for free, the ability for the public to learn more.

Immaculée Ilibagiza is the author of multiple books, but the most well-known is probably her first: Left to Tell. In this memoir, Ilibagiza describes her ordeal during the Rwandan Genocide. She hid for 91 days with 7 other women in the bathroom of a pastor. Out of all of her family, only Immaculée and her brother, who was studying in Senegal, survived.

Don’t miss this her story!

Ilibagiza has received multiple awards for her humanitarian speaking as well as various honorary doctoral degrees.

If you would like to attend, the address is: 333 Thomas More Parkway, Crestview Hills.

Helpful links:

Immaculée Ilibagiza’s official website

Left to Tell’s official website

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Ever wonder what you can do on MLK Day in Cincinnati?

There are tons of activities throughout the region, but there are a couple that stand out (at least to me).

These two celebrations focus on African culture, but hurry because they are only for this weekend!

African Culture Festival Film Screening

Held twice a day at the Cincinnati Museum Center, these films are FREE to see thanks to the Pan African Film Festival. They are not full feature, but various short films.

Showing times are: Saturday at 11am & 2pm; Sunday at 11am & 2pm; and Monday at 11am

English: One of the mural replicas now present...

Image via Wikipedia

Kuna Karamu Africa

Also held at the Cincinnati Museum Center from 7:30 until 11 pm this Saturday (01/14/12), Kuna Karamu Africa will let you taste the authentic cuisine from southern Africa with a cash bar, entertainment and a ‘village’ set up.

Entrance is $25 per person, but if you’re a Museum Member you can save $5!

There are tons of Martin Luther King Events this weekend, and I hope everyone has fun!

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Welcome!               ¡Bienvenido!               Willkomen!               Bienvenue!

                        欢迎                                ようこそ                          환영


Welcome to “The City that Sings”! 

Have you ever wanted to get involved with the international community in Cincinnati? Or visit the Queen City? Then we’re here for you!

The Sister City program is a non-profit designed to help bridge the gap between the US and the rest of the world.

This blog’s goal is to help bring news, events, and places in Cincinnati of interest to anyone with a global viewpoint. On top of this, I’ll try to provide fascinating cultural tidbits, travel options, and news from the 8 Sister Cities attached to Cincinnati:

Munich, Germany

Nancy, France

Liuzhou, China

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Gifu, Japan

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Harare, Zimbabwe

Mysore, India


Thanks for the interest! Let’s enjoy International Cincinnati together!

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