Three rivers come together to form a river mouth where this Cincinnati Sister City was founded. Can you guess the name of the city? (Bonus points if you know the names of the rivers too!)


The three most famous squares in Nancy, France were built by Duke Stanislas in the 18th century. In 1983, they were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

They are: Place Stanislaw, Place d’Alliance, and Place de la Carriere.

Français : Place Stanislas à Nancy

English: Fountain of Amphitrite at Place Stani...

English: Fountain of Amphitrite at Place Stanislas in Nancy, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I’ve decided to change the format a little bit. Instead of a picture a day (although, pictures will definitely still be posted), I’m going to post a bit of trivia about Cincinnati or one of our sister cities.

Let’s start with a question about Nancy, France!

Do you know the three most famous squares in Nancy? 

A while back, I posted about Gifu Castle with a bit of information about its’ history. Gifu Castle isn’t the only historical place of note in Gifu Prefecture – there is also Iwamura Castle!

Iwamura Castle is well-known for its’ prime mountaintop location — and for how difficult it can be to get to it. Luckily, it has recently become accessible by car. Previously, climbing the hiking path (about a 20-30 minute trip) was required. Don’t miss out on this castle!

Photos from: Tsuda

Estimated to have been built around 1185, the Toyama family was in charge of the castle until  the 1570s. In 1571, Toyama Kageto suddenly passed away, leaving behind his young, adopted son. This weakness was taken advantage of by Akiyama Nobutomo (following the commands of Takeda Shingen). This was an unstable political period in Japan, and ultimately Nobutomo was executed and the castle was given to Kawajiri Hidetaka.

Hidetaka was responsible for creating the castle structure still seen today. Sadly, this castle fell into ruins after the castle abolishment law was passed in 1873.

The Lord’s housing was not at the top of the mountain, though, with the castle. Instead, the Lord lived at the mountain’s base, and the Taiko turret has been restored at this location (photo below).


Iwamura Castle, Gifu

Iwamura Castle, Gifu (Photo credit: The 2-Belo)


Sources for more information:

JCastle’s Iwamura Castle Page


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This is Iwamura Castle in Gifu Prefecture. (Look for more information later today!)

Source: Tsuda’s Flickr

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Munich is a gorgeous city at night, especially with the reflection from the rain!

Source: photographerglen’s flickr

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Rueifang District in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Source: Miyagawa’s Flickr