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The Mystery Location from yesterday has been revealed to be:

New Taipei City! This city was founded at the meeting place of the Danshui, Xindian and Keelung Rivers.

Danshui, New Taipei 淡水,新台北


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A local artist, Karl Feng, designed a logo to represent the friendship and partnership between New Taipei City and Cincinnati. It is shown below:

The city’s name in Manderin Chinese reads:

The first question that came to my mind when I saw this Sister City was . . . so it’s not the same as Taipei City, right? Right.

New Taipei City borders Taipei City to the north. The city itself covers around 6% of Taiwan proper’s total land area.

Taiwan has a very diverse culture, with influences from the indigenous tribes, Japan, China, and the West. The Sister City connection with New Taipei City has especially focused on bringing Taiwanese culture to Cincinnati.

And I couldn’t finish this post without including one of the best pictures available on the official Sister City website. Mark Mallory singing karaoke with the mayor of New Taipei City:

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